Psa test meaning.

Top 50 used car buys based on MOT pass rate

psa test meaning

Click on the banner above to see great used car deals Top 50 used car buys based on MOT pass rate We reveal the best cars aged three to eight years old for passing the MOT test first time psa test meaning and the models with the highest fail rates As well as giving a good indication of how reliable a vehicle is, it also reveals how well previous owners have looked after it, including how thoroughly it's been serviced.

As a general rule, if you have two similar models on your list of potential buys, you're likely to be better off opting for the one with a string of advisory-free MOT passes, rather than one with lots of first-time fails. What Car? The average sample size for all the models in the top 50 was vehicles while the minimum sample size was cars.

psa test meaning

The data allowed us to calculate the average mileage of each vehicle when tested, split between cars that passed and failed, as well as their MOT results depending on fuel type, enabling us to find out whether different fuel variants had a better Psa test meaning record. The top 50 chart contains everything from family SUVs to sports cars and city cars.

psa test meaning

The top 50 cars for passing the MOT test Nissan Pulsar present Pass rate Petrol models have an Prices start at less than £

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